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Architectural Building Components Near Ann Arbor, MI

architectural building components Your building is only as good as your materials. That’s why Selleck Architectural Sales provides top quality architectural materials for all our customers. Whether medical, automotive, education or large industrial projects, we can make your building reliable, up-to code, and within budget.

Brand Name Architectural Materials in Ann Arbor, MI

Whether you’re locating a specific product, solving a construction issue, or forging a relationship with a manufacturer - we can help. Names such as Rockfon, Chicago Metallic, Fry Reglet, Plasterform, Norton Industries, AVL Systems and other industry-leading products can all make your project a success.

Our team wants your project to be a success every step of the way. We recommend only the brands that perform within your architectural setting, including:

When selecting the architectural building components for your project, we know that lighting will vary the elements’ appearance. Rather than depending on the appearance of your materials on a computer screen or printout, we utilize precise color charts. Once we’ve found your desired hue, we’ll double-check to make sure that this meets your project specifications. We can also identify the weight of your architectural building components.

This ensures that you get the exact architectural building components you need!

Architectural Building Components for Every Industry

Providing Architectural Materials For A Range of Industries in Ann Arbor, MI

architectural building components Our architecture-building consultants have the experience and knowledge for buildings in any industry. We understand that your goal is to design and implement solid, beautiful buildings that withstand the test of time.

At Selleck Architectural Sales, our architectural manufacturer representatives near Ann Arbor, MI help you meet those goals. Perhaps you have designs that will be featured on college campuses, medical institutions or government facilities. Maybe you need acoustic specifications, or visual elegance – we can assist on nearly all types of projects. Our mission is to turn your dreams into realty with our design consulting services. There is no such thing as a one-size fits all approach when designing buildings. This is why we treat all our customers like they’re family – no matter the industry.

Industries we serve:

When you work with us, you can count on finding the correct materials for the right price, all while forming relationships with the distributors and contractors who matter the most. You will have a team of accountable consultants from the beginning of your project, through to completion.

Projects Made Easier

No more waiting on vendors who can fail to find the right manufacturers. No missing bid deadlines due to extenuating circumstances. All of our manufacturers and distributors are professionals, offering industry-standard materials for completing your designs within your budget and timeframe.

We would be happy to partner up with you and learn more about your industry to help design the customized solution you’re looking for. Before you begin your project, contact our architecture-building consultants to see just how much easier life can be.