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Serving a Variety of Industries in Michigan, Ohio & Indiana

At Selleck Architectural Sales, we pair our customers with products that ensure their buildings will last the test of time, all while looking beautiful.

Whether your next project is on a college campus, a medical institution, a government facility or an automotive manufacturer, we can help you to create something truly incomparable. Whichever industry you work in, we’ll help you find the right materials for the right price. We’ll also take it a step further and offer professional design assistance to ensure that your building is one of a kind.

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Industries We’ve Worked With

Schools & Educational Institutions
Showcase your learning institutions with the right materials at the right price.

Medical Buildings
We help health centers, clinics, offices and hospitals adhere to very specific compliance standards, all while respecting patient sensibilities.

Clean Rooms
There’s no room for error in a clean room, meaning materials must match specifications exactly and come from highly respected manufacturers.

Automotive Applications
We offer auto manufacturers, sales and service buildings the ideal materials and professional design assistance.

Acoustic Settings
We provide the best in acoustic ceiling tiles and other products for a pitch-perfect result.

Ceiling Suspension Systems
Create beautiful, eye-catching ceilings with our range of manufacturers and spot-on design advice.

When you work with us, you can count on not only finding the right materials, but also forging lifelong relationships with the distributors and contractors who matter the most to your business. We are committed to being your partner in accountability and excellence from the beginning of your project right up to the end.