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High-Quality Architectural Building Components & Materials

Architectural Building Components: Fry Reglet, Chicago Metallic & More | Selleck Architectural Sales - lightsAll great architectural projects start with exceptional building products.

They must not only complement your design visually, but also meet all the specifications for load-bearing capacity, LEED certification, building codes and much more. At Selleck Architectural Sales, we will help ensure that’s the case, each and every step of your project. Whether you’re looking to locate a specific building product, solve a problem by choosing the right material or forge a relationship with a manufacturer, we will be the bridge you need.

Your best bet for excellent outcomes is to include top-quality building materials from the very beginning stages of your project.

We choose only the brands that excel in an architectural setting, including:

  • Rockfon: Greenguard Gold certified stone wool ceilings that enhance visual appeal and air quality.
  • Chicago Metallic: Specialty metal ceiling applications.
  • Fry Reglet: One of the most trusted names in metal fabrication and component systems, including formed metal extrusions and column covers.
  • Plasterform: One of the world’s premier architectural casting manufacturers.
  • Sound Seal: Leading manufacturer of commercial and architectural acoustic noise control products.
  • Essi Acoustical: Fabricating custom architectural sound control products since 1984.
  • Above View: Artisan quality ornamental plaster ceiling tiles since 1984.

Not only do we find you the right building materials from the very beginning, we advise on the most effective implementation of each. Whether you’re looking for drywall, plaster, luminous ceilings, skylights or other elements to complement your project, we’ll work together to identify the right solution as well as the right time and manner in which to implement them. The first step is to let us know about your project so we can advise on the best possible choices. If you elect to use our architectural design services as well, we will partner with you to ensure every step is carried out smoothly and your project is finished on-time, within budget and to your specifications.

Selleck Architectural Sales serves all of Michigan, Northern Ohio and Northern Indiana. If you would like to learn more about how we can make your next project a success, contact us today.